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The Tanners

The Tanners - Okay, this was one of the oddest experiences I have ever had with a book. And that is saying something.Walser has written the closet to the way I think that I have ever seen. So much closer than myself that is for sure. It was so close in fact that I had to take breaks from reading this to read other things as it felt like a sort of astral projection psychotherapy session that I was not sure I wanted.Walser's prose style is tangential and less than gripping. I say that not in a bad way, his words rappelled onto the page like those large glorious snow flakes that you only ever see every few years, the ones that look akin to cotton balls and the ones that hit your glasses like invisible water balloons. It is hard to keep up with it, it is so slight. I am fairly certain I have never read a writer so deft in slightness. And I would find myself having to read long passages again just to make sure both that I captured the meaning and to see just what I was missing. If I was missing anything. I kept finding that I was not, but am utterly convinced that I surely missed a lot.Some of Walser's paragraphs plod on like Henry James, but where his felt dense, as in having to rearrange the furniture in the room you are sitting in to make room for it, Walser's is airy in a way that shocked me. Shocked me in that it could be so simple. But just the same, Walser's paragraphs can run pages, and this makes it hard to keep up with the central thrust of his story, as they are peppered with tangents and the end hardly ever seems to play nicely with the beginning.I say this, not as much as a complaint as I found this book enjoyable, but as a warning to those who may find this off putting. Plot is not exactly The Tanners strong suit. It is all about the characters and how they unravel. How they exist. And their interactions. Though I have a theory that all the voices come from the main character's head and not from his siblings. But it would take too much time and effort to confirm this. A very strange and ultimately rewarding book. It is obviously not of this time, but eerily fits this time quite well.