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The Fault in Our Stars
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Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake - this was quite a follow up to read direct after cloud atlas, as it easily could have fit between the sonmi and sloosha's crossin' chapters. only, for as great a writer as atwood is, it lacked in many ways cloud atlas delivered. please note, i am not saying this is a in any way a bad book -- it is not, it is quite great in fact -- it is just inferior to cloud atlas.like vonnegut's player piano, oryx and crake suffers from the fact that it assumes current technology will persist into the future. and when it is already outdated, not 10 years after publishing, you really feel this take you out of the story.and from what i gather some of the biology is too far out there to ever be true. though from a purely speculative what if point of view, it is beyond fascinating to read and sift through the results. And really this is where atwood excels. she makes it easy for you to settle into the eyes of jimmy/snowman and see the world that has shed every last drop of its modernity. by the second or third page i was intrinsically compelled to crave seeing what he saw, to find out what caused all of this, and how he got to sleeping in a tree and a sort of, benevolent god like figure to some sort of tribe of some sort of aboriginals. all these questions are answered, quite compellingly in fact, as jimmy meanders though his devastated world and the memories pieces of the previous status quo he finds dredges up.easily recomended.