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Neuromancer. Roman.

Neuromancer (Sprawl Trilogy, #1) - William  Gibson, Reinhard Heinz I am of two very different minds on this after this reread.When I first read it nearly 25 years ago, it was one of those books that totally and completely changed my perspective of what is possible. It was like living in a world with only G rated movies and then all of a sudden watching a David Cronenberg film fest. Yep, head split right open.Everything I had dreamed possible now felt like past tense, and now the possible was at least nine or ten horizons away.Needless to say, this was an amazing important book for me.Only, upon rereading it, it felt slight and a bit tired and often it was a bit hard to follow along.Now I know there are a great number of books out there that I have liked, some I have even loved, that owe so much to Gibson and this book. I was unprepared for just how much further they had taken his ideas and whatnot.I get that technology and such has accelerated by near nth degree exponents; thus, this might feel dated in that way, but it still feels like a near future, but the ideas seem stuck at a dos prompt. And in fact, that is because this is far more a crime novel than scifi epic. Sure the setting is a nihilist Armageddon future, but the story is a crime gang getting together for the biggest score of their lives. And somehow I missed this, before, or promptly forgot it, as the future etched on teflon eyes element was a far stronger draw. The crime element is interesting, but not hugely compelling. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 20 crime novels I would rather read. And in fact Gibson muddles the story a bit by glazing over bits of this element of the book by embellishing his cyberpunk monochromatic hue. I am pretty surprised that I remember reading this with ease as a wee teenager, as I found myself having to reread and then go back pages to ensure I was following along. Part of me also worries that this is a sign of my mental acuity slipping, as it is no longer easy to follow what once was.Overall, I am reminded by that quote that I paraphrase now, 'it is better not to meet your idols'. I feel like I sort of ruined this book for me, as I can gush with the praise of my wide eyed reading, but could never do so without adding "But.....". I have refrained from reviewing this because I was not sure what to do with a clear favorite book of my that has slipped in my estimation. But I have decided to leave the five star & favorite rating, as it really was a huge deal way back when. And even though I may have slightly spoiled it for me, I can not erase how just the name Neuromancer causes my brain to churn at a faster rate at the ever expanding possibilities it made sure I was aware of.It is still a classic, just one that has been bettered over time.