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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Holy Amazing!I was totally and completely drawn in by page ten. I think I first shed a tear for Katniss by page 20. What a truly amazing and charming character she is. I finished this this morning and all I can do is crave books two and three like any addict craves his/her fix. But sadly, I am in Malaysia and books two and three are nowhere to be found at the current moment. Thus, I weep.I have not been this addicted to a book since I read the his dark materials trilogy some ten years ago. And frankly, with only one book consumed, Lyra has some competition for primary YA literary bad ass. But really, what are the chances I would do anything but love a character nicknamed catnip?I have no idea what exactly Collins has done here, the world she creates seems totally believable and excruciatingly brutal and bleak, yet she balances this amazingly well with her bright characters, one may even say they engulf the page much like Katniss and Peeta are covered in flame in their triumphant introduction to the games. Collins deftly crafts this tale with very little need to embellish it with literary devices as her plot is so compelling. I am not saying she does not use them, as she does, but sparingly and quite well. But her plot and character work is where this book shines. And it really shines.As much as I enjoyed this, I would find myself hesitant to pick it up, as I knew it would consume me and I would not want to stop reading. I also wish I had found all three books before I started reading this one, the wait for books two and three is going to be ever so excruciating.