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Salvation City

Salvation City - Sigrid Nunez This was really disappointing. I loved the idea of dystopic fiction in an evangelical community. It would seem to add layers to a oft traveled road. I was unaware that those layers would be boring and creatively lacking. But, that is just what happens here.Towards the beginning I had to google if Nunez was an evangelical as I was worried I was trying to be indoctrinated. But as the book goes on, her prose detaches a bit from what seemed to be a near glorifying account. But still some of the beliefs presented, while spot on, were hard to read and I kept thinking, she is trying to preach here. Not. A Fan.The basic development of Cole, the main character, was stunted by a device she used to explain why he had a hard time remembering things. The big story arc here is that he begins to find his own footing and path in the world, but as he recovers his memories and gets in touch with his past, well... wouldn't that happen anyway?Nunez's prose is sparse. And this is not something I would normally take an ounce of issue with, but I found myself having to read passages over and over again as they were very muddled. Still puzzled how she managed to do that. Not. A. Fan.Needless to say, not recommended.