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Alif the Unseen
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Half of a Yellow Sun
Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality: A Complete Program of Movement, Meditation, and Healing Sounds
Sea of Poppies
Amitav Ghosh
AyurVeda: The Science of Self-Healing
Medicine Buddha Teachings
Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: The Spiritual Classic and International Bestseller
The Fault in Our Stars
John Green

Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing - Some books fall into your hands at the exact right moment. This sure did.Even a year ago, I would have easily been turned off by a lot of the language within this. There is a lot of God talk, that at one time made me want to drink bleach rather than confront. Now I have gotten to the point that while I am not ecstatic when I see it, I do not have an immediate negative reaction.And truthfully, that only works in my favor here, as this book has been beyond helpful in creating a path to healing, where I take control of what needs to happen and I take the responsibility rather than creating a relationship where I can blame someone/thing else if I do not heal.And this is truly a gift. A gift. A gift. A gift.Myss really shows how much of our world and our lives are dominated by energies. How much we are actually energy. IF this sounds amazingly new agey, she does not really approach it that way, but in a you need to eat good to get energy to do things. And if you do not eat food, you will have no energy. Then applies this though out. It makes sense.She also discusses how when we give up energy or lose it, how we can be adversely effected by that: "If a person is able to sense intuitively that he or she is losing energy because of a stressful situation - and then acts to correct that loss of energy - then the likelihood of that stress developing into a physical crisis is reduced, if not eliminated completely."This is basically a guide book to living a far healthier life. And while I took pages of notes and quotes away which I hope to use in helping me restore my health, the best part of this is that she has 10 questions after each chapter which force you to confront issues that most of us bury as deeply as possible.And while I am done with the book, I am just beginning to answer those questions. And as difficult as most of them are to answer, they feel like shedding old self destructive patterns and habits. They feel like yanking away the lies we tell ourselves, thinking they make each day easier, only to create mass confusion and pandemonium.It is not the easiest thing to read. I found myself reading some passages up to 8 times, and often having to mouth the words, just to ensure my mind was open to the plethora of new ideas. And I have plans to go back and review it in some months time, to ensure I am putting it all into action.I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to create a more healthy space to exist in, or you know anyone sensible and who enjoys life and wants to ensure they live it to the fullest.