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The Wisdom of No Escape: And the Path of Loving-Kindness
Pema Chödrön
River of Smoke: A Novel
Amitav Ghosh
Alif the Unseen
G. Willow Wilson
Half of a Yellow Sun
Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality: A Complete Program of Movement, Meditation, and Healing Sounds
Sea of Poppies
Amitav Ghosh
AyurVeda: The Science of Self-Healing
Medicine Buddha Teachings
Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: The Spiritual Classic and International Bestseller
The Fault in Our Stars
John Green

Kundalini for Beginners

Kundalini for Beginners - I read all but the last two chapters of this before a ten day meditation retreat. I came back, finished it and promptly started to reread it.I can not say I understand everything that was said, nor can I wrap my head about the whole reincarnation business that is talked about within, but as an introductory book to a wholly unknown subject, it is fairly masterful. It got me really into the subject. And as it is something that, as the book repeats over and over again, must be experienced it has prompted me to go out and find other books that might allow me to understand kundalini more.It is clearly a spiritual path and Kumar makes it out to be a short path to transcendence, though filled with hard work. He described it in a clear way that has lead me to seek out a manual to help me find this path, as activating the serpent within the spine seems like something that one needs to experience to understand.And as this seems to have lots of health benefits, well.... sign me up.