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Number9Dream - While this was not as brilliant a read as Cloud Atlas, this has confirmed that Mitchell is one of my favorite authors.This is a hugely complex novel of proportions that I am fairly certain I do not even understand or recognize. The novel is set up with nine chapters with each one written/themed a bit differently. It was a bit disconcerting when I started chapter two, as I was wholly unaware of this, but once I figured out what was going on, I was totally game.At the core of this novel is catharsis. It is an adventure story, well if the adventure is even true, about the path one takes to grieve. As alluded to in the last sentence, the reader is left to juggle facts, that may or may not be true though out. And, with that comes having to decide which makes the most sense and what seems real. The title even incorporates the word dream within it, and the whole reading experience is more than a little dream like. And so as you read, you are forced to question if anything is real.This would normally lead me to want to drive spikes though my eyes. Mitchell takes this far above the realm of a stitch and fuses it with the vibrant life of organic story telling. Yes, I too was amazed he was able to do this - that anyone would be able to do this.