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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson Okay. I am very troubled by this book, as I think it covers some very important subjects that NEED to be more visible to make them go away for good. BUT, holy hell this book is at least 13 messes and 20 odd disasters entangled in some haberdashery of piss poor writing. Frankly, it is a good first draft that needed about 200 pages chopped out of it and quite fine tuning in style.This is bad, bad, bad writing. The single word I will think of when I think of Larsson will forever be didactic. He tells you what is happening, then tells you how you should feel about it. And while I very much agree with his conclusions, I adamantly disagree with the disrespect he shows for his readers' intelligence by feeling the need to pound his points in in such a way. If it is so vitally important to make a point for him, he should have insured his characters made it for him, not the unbodied narrator. One of the most egregiousness violations of this happens after the book's namesake character visits her mother. Her mom holds her hand extra long and does not want to let go. The reader understands that there is a very valid reason for this. But then Larrson commits a whole other paragraph to this: "It was as if she had a premonition of some approaching disaster."UM.... thanks for the hand holding! Totally unnecessary and downright patronizing. How any editor let this through is utterly beyond me.I had to put the book down when I came to this point. And I seriously questioned if I was going to pick it up again I was so distraught by this. But I had already invested nearly 400 pages into this, so I opted to finish.And what makes this extra frustrating is that this atrocious writing style is hinged on some fairly dynamic characters. These characters deserve so much more than this.In fact Lisbeth, the girl with the dragon tattoo, is a phenomenal character -- though she is more superhero than not, what with her photographic memory and physical abilities. And at first I was a bit put off on this. She was mostly believable, but obviously fiction. Then I came around to seeing her as being someone to aspire towards (well minus the emotionally distant business) and understood her importance and appeal a whole lot better. All my life I have been horrified at the violence and sexual abuse far too many of my female friends have endured. And Lisbeth to me seems to populate the world as an avatar of vengeance for the gruesome statistics Larrson peppers his chapter headings with (and the far too many other cases we know about and the many more we do not). She seems to begrudgingly take up this role, but by the end of the book her rage towards those who hurt women is so concentrated and totally understandable. For all of Larrson's writing faults, his creation of Lisbeth made trudging though this book worthwhile. And frankly was all that kept me from tossing it aside in disgust.When I finished I was equally curious about her further adventures. But the thought of wading through 2 more 500+ page books of Larrson's dynamically awful writing made me ever so thankful for wikipedia, where I could find out what happened next with out having to suffer though the literary equivalent of swallowing razor blades.There are quite a few pieces in this book that relate to a really good story, and is truly a story that so many more people need to know happens far too often, all over the world. But there is too much other fluff and didactic mockery going on to make it recommendable. And this makes me so sad, as with defter writing this would have been a magnificent source of learning.I hear the Swedish movies are quite good. So perhaps they can take the place of this feebly written book and help wake to world to the crisis that is violence against women & misogyny. Because god knows, we need ever opening we can get to help shift society on this one.