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The Fault in Our Stars
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Room: A Novel

Room: A Novel - Simply put, this is a masterpiece. For sometime I have heard how good this was, but I was put off by the idea that it was in the voice of a five year old. This just seemed like the literary version of cloying and had bad Lifetime movie syndrome written all over it.Well, that concern was all for naught.The first 50 pages or so was a bit of an adjustment as the voice is very distinct, but it is also equally genius. Once I did get used to the voice, I simply could not put it down.From page one, the world within these pages is actualized with such an original voice that due to the circumstances of Jack, the narrator, sits back utterly detached to the brutality of his existence and provokes a true sense of fear in the reader that is echoed back in a gruesome joy and sense of wonder that could only be birthed in the kind of situation that makes up the premise of this book.And I find myself picking up this book a few times everyday since I finished it, just to see how Donoghue was able to craft such a successful voice. And really can not see myself stopping this for days to come. I can easily see it being adopted in creative writing classes everywhere, as it is a tour de force in crafting a mesmerizing distinct voice.And really that would have been enough for me to have enjoyed this book, but the characterization she is able to show with just dialogue from the other characters is equally impressive. Jack's mom, Ma, is a portrait in love for her child, her sacrifices for him are vast and all encompassing you can easily see she has determined that she will readily die for him. That Jack reports this, with out knowing the power of her willing sacrifices only heightens tragic elements of the story.Needless to say, this is a book that you should be reading, right now really.