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Cherry : A Memoir

Cherry - Mary Karr i am pretty sure this one is getting only two stars because my expectations were so high going in. the liar's club is one of my all time favorite memoirs. it is one of my all time favorite books.karr's writing here is while very good, not nearly in the same league as it is when she paints those childhood years. there was also something of a lack of focus here. the last say 6th of the book just seemed to meander astray. I guess sometimes life does that, but this felt more like "i need to make it to X pages damn it!"again i was eagerly awaiting this one, but really just found i want to reread the liars club. this is not to say all is bad here. not many people are able to write like mary karr and her words often cored me. but again, when one compares this to her earlier work, well... it just does not stand up.