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The Fault in Our Stars
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Janes in Love

Janes in Love - I got this over the weekend and was really excited when I saw it. I had no business really liking the the 1st book, other than it being a good story with believable characters, but i enjoyed it a lot.This one seemed rushed in a way The Plain Janes was not. Maybe there was just too much going on for the limits of a minx book. From hearing her talk, I know Cecil Castellucci wants this to be a 4 book series, but maybe 5 books would have been better.Main Jane is still the most developed character and really the most realistic. I loved her continued development. But the other 3 Janes seemed to develop as if they were in a popcorn popper and just burst with new facts/responses/wtfever with not enough adequate build up.The overall story was quite good and had a great conclusion.If this series continues I hope that the other characters develop better and that those that are mere plot devices (um... the cop father) can move beyond stereotype.